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Olivia (Liv) Robinson

MIS 10 1.09   -  tel: + 41 26 300 9599


I received my BA In English literature from the University of Oxford in 2004, after which I spent time teaching English in France, before returning to Oxford to do post-graduate work in Medieval English and French. I was awarded my DPhil in 2010 and have since taught Old and Middle English and the English Language at a variety of institutions and colleges, including Corpus Christi College, Oxford, Trinity College, Oxford and University College, London. Between 2011 and 2016 I was Lecturer in Medieval English Literature at Brasenose College, Oxford, a post which I left to move to Fribourg in October 2016 to begin an SNF-funded research project entitled 'Medieval Convent Drama' (  This project seeks to uncover and examine neglected evidence for the production and copying of plays within medieval women's religious houses, and aims to integrate study of medieval women's theatre more coherently within critcial appraisals of the medieval dramatic canon and its performance history.


I have previously published articles and book chapters on a range of topics within the field of Anglo-French literary culture, including medieval translation from French into English, comparative study of medieval French and English drama, the works of Alain Chartier in print, and Charles d'Orléans' poetry.  I also have an active research interest in  intersections between creative and critical thinking in the teaching of early literature.  I am currently completing my first book, entitled 'Contest, Translation and the Chaucerian Text', which examines the way in which three Middle English translations respond to and reconfigure their French-language source texts, exploring the role which attribution of these translations to Chaucer has played in determining and delimiting critical approaches to them, and reconceptualises them as active cross-channel participations in well-known late medieval debates about their sources.   With Dr Helen Brookman of Kings College London, I am also in the process of compiling and editing a collaborative collection of essays exploring the role of creative work in sparking engagement and critical thought in novice or non-expert encounters with the early English literary and cultural past. 



Peer-reviewed articles and book chapters

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  • Robinson, Olivia, ‘In the forest of long waiting: Charles d’Orléans and the Querelle de la belle dame sans mercy’.  Under consideration at Medium Ævum.

Reviews and other

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  • Robinson, Olivia, Contest, Translation and the Chaucerian Text.  Under contract to Brepols.