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Dr. Steve Oswald

MIS 5144 - Office hours Thursday 15:00-16:00 -  tel 026 300 79 09.
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Curriculum Vitae

Steve Oswald received his PhD from the University of Neuchâtel in 2010. From 2010 to 2012, he worked as an assistant professor in linguistics at the VU University, Amsterdam. Since September 2016 he is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Fribourg. His primary area of research is manipulative and argumentative discourse, which he approaches from a multidisciplinary perspective at the interface of cognitive psychology, linguistic pragmatics, argumentation theory and discourse analysis. His ongoing research considers different information-processing constraints at play in comprehension and their role in the persuasive and/or manipulative success of arguments. He recently extended his research interests to humour research.


Edited volumes  

Papers (submitted and forthcoming) 

  • (forthcoming) with Chris Hart. “Trust based on bias: cognitive constraints on source-related fallacies”. In Mohammed, D. & Lewiński, M. (eds). Proceedings of the 10th OSSA Conference, Virtues of argumentation.
  • (fortchoming) with Marcin Lewiński. “Pragmatics, cognitive heuristics and the straw man fallacy”. In Oswald, Steve & Herman, Thierry (eds.). Rhétorique et cognition : perspectives théoriques et stratégies persuasives. Berne: Peter Lang.
  • (submitted a) “Rhetoric and cognition: pragmatic constraints on argument processing”. Proceedings of the 5th Symposium on Intercultural, Cognitive and Social Pragmatics (EPICS V).
  • (submitted b) “It is easy to miss something you are not looking for: A pragmatic account of covert communicative influence for (critical) discourse analysis”. In Hart, C. & Cap, P. (eds.), Contemporary Studies in Critical Discourse Analysis, London: Bloomsbury.
  • (in preparation) with Louis de Saussure & Didier Maillat. “Deceptive and uncooperative verbal communication”. In Louis de Saussure & Andrea Rocci (eds.). Verbal Communication. Volume of the Handbook of Communication Science, Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Papers (published)