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Phenomenal Consciousness and Self-Awareness: Fully funded Postdoctoral position (100%)

Starting date: Mai 1, 2017


Summary of the research project

This project aims at integrating various fields of research within philosophy of mind, in particular issues about phenomenal consciousness and self-awareness. These systematically related issues are usually discussed in almost complete isolation from each other. Our work will explicitly address the following questions: What is the nature of our epistemic situation with respect to our own conscious states? What is the relation between phenomenal consciousness and self-awareness? Does the former necessarily involve the latter? Is there a sense in which we are aware of ourselves as experiencing subjects? If so, what is the nature of that awareness? What is the relation between the concepts we have of phenomenal kinds of experiences and the concept we have of ourselves as experiencing subjects? What is the basis of our understanding of what it is to be a conscious individual?


The full research plan is accessible here:

The successful candidate will be expected to work on a topic closely related to the project.

Project duration
The project will run for 30 months with a possible 12-months extension.

CHF 80’081.- for the first year (before taxes and social charges, in Swiss Francs).

How to apply
Please send your application by email to Martine Nida-Rümelin
( by

February 13, 2017.

Applications should include:
- a cover letter indicating how the candidate’s planned research fits into the project
- a CV
- a recent writing sample
- the names of two people (with email address) who can act as referees if contacted.

The department aims at a higher percentage of female collaborators. Female applica­tions are therefore particularly welcome.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Martine Nida-Rümelin via email.





Poste d’Assistant-Diplômé (100%) / Diplomassistentenstelle (100 %) (Ethique et philosophie politique / Ethik und politische Philosophie)

dès / ab 1.01.2017


Tâches / Aufgaben

  • Enseignement des proséminaires en allemand ou/et en français / Durchführung von Proseminaren im genannten Gebiet in deutscher oder/und französischer Sprache

  • Participation au travail administratif relié à la chaire concernée / Unterstützung der Verwaltungsarbeit am betreffenden Lehrstuhl

  • Recherche personnelle en vue d'un doctorat / Eigene Forschung

Exigences / Anforderungen

  • Master, licence ou équivalent en philosophie / Master, Lizentiat oder gleichwertiger Abschluss in Philosophie

  • Bonne connaissance en allemand, français et anglais / Gute Deutsch-, Französisch- und Englischkenntnisse

  • Projet de doctorat dans le domaine mentionné / Forschungsvorhaben im genannten Bereich in Hinsicht auf ein Doktorat

Dossier de candidature / Bewerbungsunterlagen

Les lettres de candidature avec curriculum vitae et un projet de recherche sont à envoyer jusqu'au 30 octobre 2016 au Département de Philosophie, Université Fribourg, Miséricorde, CH- 1700 Fribourg. Tél. +41 (0)26 300 75 24, e-mail: philosophie(at)

Bewerbungen mit Curriculum Vitae und Forschungsvorhaben sind bis zum
30. Oktober 2016 am Departement für Philosophie, Universität Freiburg, Miséricorde, CH 1700 Fribourg einzureichen. Tel. +41 (0)26 300 75 24, e-mail: