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Full-time PhD studentship in epistemology/philosophy of mind



The start date for the Fribourg-based PhD is 1 February 2018



The studentship is part of a new project on 'Perception, Rationality and Self-Knowledge' written by  Prof. Gianfranco Soldati (Fribourg), Prof. Johannes Roessler (Warwick) and Dr. Andrea Giananti (Fribourg), jointly directed by Gianfranco Soldati and Johannes Roessler, and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation with a research grant of 561'595 Swiss francs. The Project aims to investigate a set of related issues regarding (a) the role of perceptual experience in providing for knowledge of physical objects (b) the rationality of perceptual beliefs, and (c) the nature of reflective perceivers’ awareness of their current perception and perceptual knowledge.


The successful Fribourg-based PhD will receive an annual scholarship of 47'000 to 50'000 Swiss francs for four years (taxation excluded). He/she will be supervised by Prof. Gianfranco Soldati and will benefit from, and help to run, the project’s activities, which will consist of (a) a series of workshops with the Warwick-based members of the project (b) two or three major international conferences, and (c) preparation of a special issue or edited collection.


The full project and details about its core members are available: here.

Application deadline: 30 September 2017


Please send the following documents to andrea.giananti(at) :



  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Copy of your MA certificate (PDF-Format)

  • Two references: please ask your referees to comment on your PhD project and/or your research potential. You can send the references directly to Andrea Giananti, or ask your referees to send the letters to him

  • PhD research project of no more than 1.000 words (excluding references). Please address the following points in your project


-         How your project relates to previous and current work in the area;

-         How your proposed research bears on the objectives of the Perception, Rationality and Self-Knowledge project;

-         How your project relates to previous and current work in the area.